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Alrighty so I've been absent for a long time >.> School has started and I'm quite busy ;A; and I'm so sorry. I really need to get my life back on track. So I probably won't be on for a little Dx I swear everything that needs to be finished will be and hopefully soon! I thank you all for being so kind and patient with me >U< and I miss talking with everyone!! ;7; I'm so sorry!
So I forgot to tell everyone I was going to Hokkaido, but I'm back now!! : D Haha, went right after Tokyo. All of us were too tired to sightsee much. But I did try squid ink ice cream! It pretty much just tasted like normal ice cream :V nothing too interesting except its name and color. Thats really all XD We stayed at an awesome Ryokan. omg all the food, I have to post pics XD It was awesome. And despite not liking going naked in front of a lot of people, I went to the onsen. It was also really nice XD Except the water burned like crazy. Still nice XD and then I got to wear this yukata thing~~ >U< The futons were kinda thin ;u; but it was still awesome. I love ryokans.

I'm so sorry Martipon, I swear I will get the custom finished soon DX. I've been so busy but I'll try to get more done today ;u; if my brother doesn't steal the computer again.
I am back from Tokyo!!~~ It was fun but my feet hurt and I definitly prefer the country ~w~ Too many people in Toyko and it felt all too rushed Dx I'm a bit of a slow person, I like to take life slowly. Also I went to a maid cafe but it dissapointed me on many levels. Maybe I just went to the wrong one but nonetheless I was crushed. My dreams of maid cafes were ruined. They are nowhere near like the anime D: also my parfait was really bad U.U
But what was awesome was te mugiwara store!! Thank you so much CreamyKittens for telling me about it! I spend like a hudered dollars in that store xD I think it was the only place I even bought anything for myself. <3 <3
I also went to see the giant gundam. and I went to the gundam cafe expecting people to be dressed up in gundam suits but it was nothing like that. I wouldn't even call it a cafe :T 
Oh and the ghibli museum was wonderful <3 everything was so cute and awesome and ghibli. It was beautiful but they don't let you take pics inside D: so I have no pictures to show. I should've snuck some Dx there was a giant catbus doll thing that kids could play in. only kids. I was denied ;A; I bought stuff for my dad there! Spent over 130$ there XD For my daddy~~ Cause he wasn't able to come to Japan with the rest of the family Dx He would've really loved the ghibli museum ;u;
AND THEY LIED TO ME. they said typhoon and yet it was like 34 C or somewhere in the 90's F. Like it was really hot and humid ad stuff Dx and getting on crowded trains helped none. there was only a small amount of rain during my stay. The rest it was sunny and hot. good thing I just wore dresses~~
Well thats all I can remeber right now~ I need to sleep!! Good night everyone!! :heart:

also does anyone want commissions? It'll be like 100 for pretty much anything, maybe more for the more detailed. I need points ;o;


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